Hey there. My name is Lisa Vollrath, and I make art. All kinds of art. Mixed media, digital, AI, assemblage, book art, gluebooks, art journaling, you name it, I’ve probably had my gluey fingers in it. I also design products and merchandise, film videos showing my process, and teach online classes. And I moderate artist groups on Facebook and Reddit.

A Few Words From Lisa

I started A Few Words From Lisa on a Yahoo Group in the 90’s. Remember Yahoo Groups? They were great for finding like-minded artists. I used my group as a sort of weekly, or monthly, update about what I was doing, and where I was doing it, because honestly, I’m everywhere. It’s a little hard to keep up sometimes.

What Is It?

So, A Few Words From Lisa is basically a list of links to what I’ve been doing since the last time I sent a message out. I show you what I’ve made, and link to wherever I talk about it. I might send you to various social media sites, to see my digital or AI work. Whatever I’ve been up to, I’ll tell you about it. At the end of each message, I link to two female presenting artists whose work has caught my eye lately. And at the very bottom, I post an up to date list of links to all the sites where you can follow my work.

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